Working Group 4 (WG4)

WG4 - Novel Technologies and Future Developments

Leader Natal van Riel

For the EU to be world leading in this field it is necessary to ensure continuous development of technologies which accelerate testing, reduce costs and improve quality of data and animal welfare. Imaging technologies and multiscale predictive models of organisms are emerging as areas of strength in Europe, which can fulfil these needs.


WG4 objectives:

  1. Constitute collaborative groups with expertise in imaging (in vivo, longitudinal) and mathematical modelling in mouse models.
  2. Work with the other working groups to identify gaps and limitations in current approaches.
  3. Explore and develop opportunities of novel technologies to contribute to preclinical research on ageing, frailty and multimorbidity.
  4. Identify new developments to improve testing and reduce the number of animals.


Progress to date:

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