Towards a digital mouse programme

Day 1 - Nov. 23, 2015

12:00     Adelaide Fernandes (University of Lisbon) 'Welcome to Lisbon, an ageless city'

12:20     Buffet lunch

13:00     Ralph Müller (ETH Zurich) 'Introduction of MouseAGE and Working Group 4'

13:15     Natal van Riel (Eindhoven University of Technology) 'The aims of the workshop'

Session 1: Muskuloskeletal – Bone

Chair: Enrico Dall'Ara

13:20     Enrico Dall'Ara (University of Sheffield) '4D measurements of bone changes in the mouse tibia'

13:40     Bert van Rietbergen (Eindhoven University of Technology) 'Analysis of bone strength and structural adaptation in vivo'

14:00     Sara Checa (Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin) 'Age-related changes in the mechanical regulation of bone adaptation'

14:20     Break

14:30     Hanna Isaksson (Lund University) 'Understanding function-structure-composition relationship in bone'

14:50     Ralph Müller (ETH Zurich) 'In silico mechanobiology of bone remodeling'

15:10     Laoise McNamara / Ted Vaughan (National University of Ireland, Galway) 'Future directions in image-derived multiscale computational modelling of bone and marrow'

15:40     Refreshments Break

Session 2: Muskuloskeletal

Chair: Natal van Riel

16:10     Harry van Lenthe (University of Leuven) 'Quantification of bone structure and bone mechanics in aging mice'

16:30     Oliver Röhrle (University of Stuttgart) 'Chemo-Electro-Mechanical Modelling of the Neuromuscular System'

16:50     Bob Wiseman (Michigan State University) - invited speaker 'Translational Medicine: Magnetic Resonance, Modeling and Muscle Metabolism'

17:30     Transfer to hotel

20:00     Workshop Dinner


Day 2 - Nov. 24, 2015

Session 3 - Metabolism

Chair: Natal van Riel

9:00        Salvador Armindo (The University of Coimbra) 'Finding organization principles in antioxidant protection, redox signaling and stress responses through kinetic modeling and systems analysis'

9:20        Jeroen Jeneson (University Medical Centre Groningen) 'Using computational modeling to understand experimental observations on muscle energy metabolism'

9:40        Barbara Bakker (University Medical Centre Groningen) 'Bottom-up and top down modelling of energy metabolism in mice: successes and challenges'

10:00     Natal van Riel (Eindhoven University of Technology) 'Progressive changes in lipoprotein metabolism in mice after pharmacological intervention'

10:20     Coffee break

Session 4 - Cardiovascular

Chair: Ralph Müller

10:40     Sander Land (King's College London) 'A framework for multiscale modelling of the mouse heart'

11:00     Alfonso Bueno-Orovio (University of Oxford) 'Bridging the gap from mouse to human: In silico approaches for translational cardiovascular research'

Session 5 - Towards a digital mouse / What is next…

11:20     Enrico Dall'Ara 'Wrap-up and follow-up actions'


12:00     Take away lunch