Take Action on Good Health in Ageing - help bring geroprotectors to patients

To accelerate progress and bring geroprotectors to the patients we need the help of everyone.

If you want to help there are several actions you can take:

  1. Share this video via the link https://vimeo.com/255209277 with anyone who may be interested to know more in this area of research.
  2. Post a link on twitter, facebook with #Mouseage and the twitter handle @Ibellantuono
  3. You can follow our news by following the twitter feed of our Chair@Ibellantuono
  4. You can read and share our Nature paper (below) explaining what are the steps required to be able to use these drugs and keep older people healthier for longer. Also listen to the podcast in the online version of the paper at https://t.co/0nbcMRtXLp
  5. Encourage patients’ organizations you may know or societies and anyone who may be interested to find out more and invite any member of mouseAGE to come and give a talk to explain about our work. You can email us (Mouseage@sheffield.ac.uk) with a request and we will find a suitable member close to you. Alternatively we can also organise an online event.

Talk to your member of the European parliament or local politicians about the potential of this research and ask them to support any initiative to progress the research faster. 

Thank you

Useful Downloads: