Professor Vadim Fraifeld

Working group 3
Management Committee
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
  • Israel

Dr. Vadim E. Fraifeld (1951, Lvov, Ukraine) is an Associate Professor (Research Grade A) and a head of the Lab for the Biology of Aging at The Shraga Segal Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Genetics, Faculty of Health, Center for Multidisciplinary Research on Aging, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel. He is also Leading Scientist, Department of Physiology, Institute of Gerontology, Kiev, Ukraine.His research interests include Systems biology of aging: determinants of aging, longevity, and age-related diseases; comparative analysis of longevity; construction of databases; Wound healing; Pulmonary fibrosis; Cellular senescence; Experimental lifespan extension
Vadim's research projects include Mitochondrial determinants of mammalian longevity: Construction of the MitoAge database; Skin wound healing, pulmonary fibrosis and cellular senescence; construction of the TiRe (Tissue Repair-associated genes) database; Mouse models of extended lifespan. He is a member of Editorial Board of Scientific Journals: Biogerontology, Frontiers of Aging Neuroscience, Frontiers of Genetics of Aging, Oncotarget.

Recent Publications:

Yanai H, Lumenta DB, Vierlinger K, Hofner M, Kitzinger HB, Kamolz LP, NöhammerC, Chilosi M, Fraifeld VE. Middle age has a significant impact on gene expression during skin wound healing in male mice. Biogerontology 2016; 17:763-770.

Yanai H, Budovsky A, Tacutu R, Barzilay T, Abramovich A, Ziesche R, Fraifeld VE. Tissue repair genes: the TiRe database and its implication for skin wound healing. Oncotarget 2016; 7:21145-21155.

Toren D, Barzilay T, Tacutu R, Lehmann G, Muradian KK, Fraifeld VE. MitoAge: a database for comparative analysis of mitochondrial DNA, with a special focus on animal longevity. Nucleic Acids Res 2016; 44(D1):D1262-1265.

Yanai H, Shteinberg A, Porat Z, Budovsky A, Braiman A, Ziesche R, Fraifeld VE. Cellular senescence-like features of lung fibroblasts derived from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis patients. Aging (Albany NY) 2015; 7:664-672.

Yanai H, Toren D, Vierlinger K, Hofner M, Nöhammer C, Chilosi M, Budovsky A, Fraifeld VE. Wound healing and longevity: lessons from long-lived αMUPA mice. Aging (Albany NY) 2015; 7:167-176.