Professor Sulev Kõks

Working group 2
Management Committee
University of Tartu
  • Estonia

Sulev Kõks is professor of pathophysiology at the University of Tartu. After getting MD degree he did his PhD in molecular biomedicine and since then has been involved in biomedical research. In his early career he worked with neuropeptides. Today, his main research areas are related to ER stress and neurodegeneration, biomarker discovery of multifactorial diseases, genetics of psoriasis, genetics of vitiligo. They try to understand the role of Wfs1 gene in the ER stress and neurodegeneration. His lab has developed several mouse models for research (models for parkinsonism, Wolfram syndrome etc). In 2012 Sulev became Chair of the Board of the National Centre of Translational and Clinical Research, in 2013 he became a Member of the Board of National Directors of EATRIS (European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine) and since 2014 he has been a visiting professor at the Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy.