Professor Hikmet Hakan Aydin

Professor H. Hakan Aydin
Working group 2
Ege University School of Medicine
  • Turkey

Hakan Aydin is professor of Medical Biochemistry at the Ege University School of Medicine where he studies human conditions such as cancers, longevity and genetic inherited diseases. Aydin began his career with a medical doctor degree from Ege University Faculty of Medicine, Izmir, Turkey. He earned his specialist degree in 1996 from Ege University Faculty of Medicine in Medical Biochemistry. While on the faculty at Ege, Aydin has studied to identify potential biomarkers of wide-range of disease states. In addition to clinical research he also conducted cell culture studies in drug response and metal toxicity. Since 2009, Aydin has focused his work on complex human diseases by using high throughput molecular techniques.

Dr. Aydin is member of many professional associations including AACC, NACB, AAAS, ASHG and British Biochemical Society. In addition, he served two terms as a member of board directors at Izmir Local Section of Turkish Biochemical Society and worked in the organization of many national and international meetings, courses and symposiums. He is editorial board member for Clinical Biochemistry (Elsevier), Turkish Journal of Medical Research (TUBITAK) and Heliyon (Elsevier). He is currently serving as a member of Turkish Ministry of Health Clinical Researches Advisory Committee and Turkish National Cancer Advisory Committee.