Professor Colin Selman

Working group 3
Management Committee
University of Glasgow
  • United Kingdom

Colin Selman studied for a BSc Zoology (2:1) at the University of Glasgow from 1990-1994. From 1994-1998 he earned a PhD Ecophysiology at the University of Durham. This was followed by post-doctoral researcher positions at the Universities of Aberdeen, Florida and Imperial College/University College London. Between 2007-2013 Colin was a Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader in School of Biological Sciences at the University of Aberdeen. In 2013 became a Professor of Biogerontology, Glasgow Ageing Research Network (GARNER) at the University of Glasgow.

Colin's research aims to understand the processes that act to modulate the ageing process in mammals. To this end much of his research has used mouse models of slowed ageing, most notably he has employed a highly integrative approach to study ageing in mice under dietary restriction and in mice that lack specific genes integral to the insulin/IGF1 signalling (Insulin receptor substrate 1) or mTOR signalling (Ribosomal S6K1) pathways. Colin has significant experience in running large-scale mouse ageing studies, and current research interests include studying the relevance of mitochondrial and stem cell dysfunction in ageing. Colin is also interested in the importance of genetic background to DR-induced longevity, and in studying ageing in non-model and wild organisms. Ultimately the aim of his research is to identify conserved mechanisms of ageing, in order to help design effective interventions that can be used to extend late-life health and vitality.