Professor Claude Libert

Working group 1 & 2
Management Committee
Ghent University - VIB
  • Belgium

Claude Libert (born 1964) is a mouse geneticist. He obtained a PhD in 1993 and is a group leader with VIB since 1997 and a professor at Ghent University, Belgium, since 1999. His research deals with acute (systemic) inflammation and the molecules of his interest are TNF, TNF receptors, glucocorticoids and their receptor and several MMPs. Together with Dr. Roosmarijn Vandenbroucke of his group, he is also interested in the role of inflammation in the aging brain. His lab is well established within VIB, a high profile research institute in Belgium with numerous core facilities. Claude Libert is the founder and director of a transgenic mouse core facility within VIB.