MouseAGE Models of Ageing and Age-related Diseases database live

The MouseAGE Models of Ageing and Age-related Diseases database is now live on the MouseAGE website at:

The database has a particular emphasis on data which may never be published but are helpful in designing experiments, i.e. negative results or timing of appearance of specific phenotypes.

Further contributions to the database are sought and will be accepted until 30 November 2018. If you have data you wish to add to the database, please download and complete the form in the 'useful documents' section below. Return the completed template to For a MS Word version of the template, please contact

If your data is confidential but you still wish to contribute, please just provide your name, email, institution, the relevant ageing or age-related disease, model and whether its clinically relevant to Only this high level information will be published on the database and those interested in further information will be encouraged to contact you directly via email.



Useful Downloads: