Dr Susanne Drechsler

Working group 2
Ludwig Boltzman Institute for Experimental and Clinical Traumatology
  • Austria

Dr. Susanne Drechsler joined the LBI sepsis team in 2009. During her doctoral thesis, she was tasked to establish a clinically relevant post-traumatic sepsis model and to investigate various aspects of organ and immuno-inflammatory responses in this condition. After completing her DVM in 2012, Susanne continued working as a junior post-doc within the sepsis group. Her current project aims at investigating the role of complement-C5a in the pathophysiology of post-traumatic sepsis. Furthermore, her research also focuses on the effects of age and gender on post-traumatic sepsis.

Personal Perspective: Although I am a veterinarian, I like working as a researcher a lot because this work challenges me daily to think creatively, follow new directions and provides various training experiences. For example, being a part of a team enables me to support and mentor my colleagues during their doctoral/master thesis, while simultaneously promoting my own scientific research.