Dr Paul Potter

Working group 2 leader
Management Committee
Core Group
MRC Harwell
  • United Kingdom

Dr Potter is the Programme Leader, Disease Models and Translation, Mammalian Genetics Unit, MRC Harwell, UK

PKP is a group leader and established the Disease Models and Translation group in 2010 to set up and run the Harwell Ageing Screen, a large-scale mutagenesis screen to identify genes and pathways associated with late onset or age-related disease. This programme is a collaborative effort between Harwell based and external groups that is generating novel models of age-related disease and identifying new genes and pathways associated with such diseases.

In addition to managing the Harwell Ageing Screen he has an active research profile and is currently investigating several age-related mutants resulting in renal disease, cardiovascular disease or osteoarthritis. He is the Chairperson for the Shared Ageing Research Materials (ShARM biobank), a member of NC3Rs and BBSRC working groups on ageing resources, a member of the Arthritis UK Centre of Osteoarthritis Pathogenesis in Oxford, and an Honorary Senior Lecturer with the section of Renal and Vascular Inflammation at Imperial College.

Prior to establishing the Harwell Ageing Screen PKP was Deputy Scientific Manager at the Mary Lyon Centre, Harwell and managed several mouse mutagenesis and phenotyping projects. By training he is an immunologist having completed a PhD at the then Royal Post Graduate Medical School in the Laboratory of Professor Mark Walport, and has work on the genetics of disease and mouse models of disease for around 15 years.

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