Dr Martin Holzenberger

Working group 1
Management Committee
  • France

Dr Martin Holzenberger is Director of Research at the Faculté de Médecine Pierre et Marie Curie. Dr. Holzenberger works on the molecular and cellular mechanisms of aging, being much interested in how the fundamental process of aging impacts on age-related disease, in particular on the etiology and progression of high prevalence Alzheimer neurodegeneration. His studies focus on the roles that insulin-like growth factor IGF-I and -II and their cognate receptor IGF-1R play in mammalian longevity. The work from his lab identified IGF signaling pathways as key regulators of several interacting aging processes and he his now focused on the impact of IGF signaling on tissue homeostasis during aging, the neuroprotective mechanism of neuronal IGF resistance in the context of Alzheimer neurodegeneration, and the roles of systemic growth hormone and IGF signaling in coordinating health and longevity.