Dr José Luis Trejo

Working group 3 leader
Management Committee
Core Group
CSIC - High Council for Scientific Investigation
  • Spain

Neurobiologist, Head of the Group “Adult Neurogenesis” at the Cajal Institute (CSIC – High Council for Scientific Investigation, Spain) at Madrid.  He is PhD in Neurobiology, Complutense University of Madrid (Spain), and has worked at the Biological Sciences School, Univ Complutense Madrid, the Institute of Psychiatry in King’s College, London, and the Cajal Institute (CSIC), Madrid.

His group is focused on the neurogenesis in the adult brain, with special interests in its epigenetic regulation, and its involvement in learning & memory behaviour, anxiety and depression, as well as its modulation by physical activity and environmental enrichment, stress and aging. His group has published recently in Ageing Res Rev, Journal of Neuroscience, Neuropsychopharmacology, Molecular Psychiatry, Neuroscientist, Hippocampus, Mol Cell Neuroscience, among others.

He is now Head of the Behavioural Unit of the Institute, and is also Vice-President of the Spanish Society for Neuroscience, Vice-President of the Spanish Brain Council, and Assistant Editor of scientific journals (Frontiers in Neuroscience, Anatomical Record, and European Journal of Anatomy). He is assistant for several Funding Agencies both in Spain and Europe, and is also active in Outreach activities.

He has also been Secretary of the Spanish Society for Neuroscience and Head of the Behavioural Unit of CIBERNED (Network Centre for Investigation in Neurodegeneration Diseases, Spain).