Dr Herminia González-Navarro

Working group 2
Institute of Health Reasearch, INCLIVA
  • Spain

Dr. Herminia González-Navarro obtained her PhD degree in Biology in 1998 at the University of Valencia, Spain. In 1998, she enjoyed a postdoctoral “Short-EMBO Fellowship” at the University of Milan, Italy. From 2000-2004 she was a “Visiting Fellow” of the Fogarty International Center (USA) at the NHLBI/NIH in Bethesda, USA. In 2005, she joined the Biomedicine Institute of Valencia (CSIC) Spain, with an “Incoming Individual Marie Curie Fellowship” (EU) followed by a JAE-DOC research position at the same institute. Since 2011 she holds a “Miguel Servet” (ISCIII) award at the Institute of Health Reasearch, INCLIVA (IIS). She is also an Emergent Scientist of INCLIVA and since 2013 belongs to the CIBERDEM network. Her research interests include the study of the molecular mechanisms involved in the development of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases by using animal models and by performing studies in human subjects. She holds several grants including National (ISCIII), Regional and private grants and has published original studies in journals such as J Clin Inv, J Lipid Res, Arteriosc Thromb Vasc Biol, J Am Coll Cardiol, Aging Cell, Cardiovascular Research among others.