Dr Giovambattista Pani

Working group 1
Institute of General Pathology, Università Cattolica School of Medicine
  • Italy

Giovambattista Pani is an Assistant Professor and independent researcher at Institute of General pathology, Università Cattolica School of Medicine, Rome, Italy.  He obtained both his Medical Degree and my PhD (experimental Oncology) in this Institution, and worked as a post-doctoral fellow in Toronto, Canada, at the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute between 1993 and 1996.

Over the years his research has been focusing on mechanisms of signal transduction in mammalian cells and on their derangement in metabolic disease, neurodegeneration and cancer. Relevant aspect of my studies have dealt with signaling by reactive oxygen species and by nutrients, and with their roles in ageing and age-related disorders, primarily in mouse models. More recently major effort has been put in understanding how nutrient signaling contributes to insulin resistance in Diabetes, and on how it affects the metabolic regulation of adult neurogenesis, neural stem cell function and neuroprotection.