Dr Fuat Balci

Working group 1 & 4
Management Committee
Koç University
  • Turkey

Dr. Fuat Balcı received his Ph.D degree in Cognitive Psychology (2007) and a graduate certificate in Cognitive Science from Rutgers University. Following his doctoral studies, he served as the head of an R&D group in the pharmaceutical company (PsychoGenics, Inc., USA). He continued his academic career as a post-doctoral researcher at Neuroscience Institute, Princeton University (2008-2010). He currently serves as a full-time associate professor of Psychology and the Associate Dean of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities at Koç University.

Dr. Balcı received a number of highly prestigious awards. He has been honored as a Young Scientist by the World Economic Forum. He received the 2015 Outstanding Young Scientist Award by the Turkish Academy of Sciences and 2013 Young Scientist Award by the Science Academy, Turkey. He has also received the 2014 Incentive Award, one of the most prestigious awards for young scientists in Turkey, from the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. 

His primary research interests lie in the areas of interval timing and decision-making from both empirical (behavioral and neuroscientific) and theoretical perspectives. He works on computational models of these fundamental cognitive processes, tests model-based predictions regarding optimal choice behavior in temporal and perceptual decision-making, and investigates the neural mechanisms that underlay these functions in both humans and other animals. His research interests also include how these functions are altered in ageing and neuropsychiatric diseases.