August 2018

2018 MouseAGE Training School

Eighteen participants took part in the MouseAGE Training School Behavioural Phenotyping in mice - focus on longitudinal studies in ageing on 10-12 July 2018 at the Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas “Alberto Sols”, Madrid, Spain. 

Organised by MouseAGE Core Group member, Dr José Luis Trejo, the training school was directed at both beginners and experimenters with some ability in behavioural phenotyping who wanted to extend their knowledge in the specific tasks and their application to ageing mice. Following the successful completion of the training school, participants are now able to:

  • Design basic experiments based on Morris water maze protocols, object recognition tests, auditory brain stem response, or acoustic startle response, with a specific focus to ageing studies
  • Perform the technical execution of the different tests and protocols
  • Manage and analyse the data