May 2017

Training School - Drug Discovery and Development

COST Action BM1402 - Development of a European network for preclinical testing of interventions in mouse models of age and age-related diseases (MouseAGE) invites researchers to apply for the following training school:

Drug Discovery and Development
4th-6th October 2017
Novartis Campus, Basel, Switzerland


The training school aims to give insights into drug discovery and development. The core of the course is an interactive and group discussion simulation of a drug discovery project from discovering to launching a new medicine. Each participant will be assigned a role in the project team and need to come prepared to the course. Participants will encounter and make decisions about various scientific challenges and possible research path. The team will choose a therapeutic indication and drug target, search for potential chemical leads, optimize and progress these leads through preclinical research, demonstrating that selected drug candidate is safe and effective in patients, advance the...