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MouseAGE Kickoff conference

A Welcome from the Action Chair

It is with excitement and trepidation in equal measure that I say welcome to the first meeting of MouseAGE in Braga to all the members of the Action and to the speakers, who kindly agreed to travel a great distance to help us in our mission with their expertise. To them goes my profound gratitude for their efforts and enthusiasm in accepting the invitation. Most of all they need to be praised for their patience in complying with the eCOST system!

It is incredibly exciting that we have the opportunity to bring very different...

Braga, Portugal
23 Mar 2015 to 25 Mar 2015

Training School: Creating and Phenotyping Mouse models of Disease and Ageing

Mouse genetics has made major contributions to our understanding of mammalian physiology, genetics, and disease. In recent years there have been major advances in methodologies to manipulate the murine genome and the subsequent phenotypic analysis of mouse lines. In addition there are now major international resources to facilitate mouse genetics and phenotyping. This training school aims to provide an overview of recent advances in these areas by bringing together experts from across Europe. The training school will include sessions on colony management of genetically modified mice, strategies for creation of novel mutants and their subsequent analysis, and resources available such...

Harwell, Oxforshire UK
23 Nov 2015 to 25 Nov 2015

MouseAGE Annual Meeting 2016

Day 1: Tuesday 12th April 2016: Preclinical interventions in ageing, frailty and multimorbidity

Speakers will include: Dan Ehninger (German Center for Neurodegenerative Disease, Germany), Ronenn Roubenoff (Novartis, Switzerland), Susan Howlett (Dalhousie University, Canada), Maria Blasco (Spanish National Cancer Research Centre).

Abstracts are encouraged to be submitted for oral and poster presentation in all areas covered by the aims of the Action. Particular consideration will be given to abstracts in the areas of mouse models with signs of multiple age-related disorders, frailty and on testing of preclinical interventions in these areas.

Day 2: Wednesday 13th April 2016, will comprise of a half day...

Madrid, Spain
12 Apr 2016 to 13 Apr 2016

Developing interventions for frailty: what do we measure?

Speakers at the meeting will include: Thomas von Zglinicki (Newcastle University, UK), Roger Fielding (Tufts University, USA), Alexander Bürkle (Universität Konstanz, Germany), Sophie Lemire-Brachat (Novartis, Switzerland), Evgeni Levin-Tsivtsivadze (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Patrik Christen (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), Nathan Lebrassuer (Mayo Clinic, USA), Johannes Grillari (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Austria), Kathryn Owen (Owen Clinical Consulting Limited, UK), Francesco Landi (Universita’ Sacro Cuore Roma) and Clemens Löwik (Erasmus MC, The Netherlands).

A meeting programme is available HERE

Vienna, Austria
14 Nov 2016 to 15 Nov 2016

Introduction to Mathematical and Computational Modelling: from mouse to computer and back

The training school provides an introduction to mathematical and computational modelling for scientists that work with animal models of disease. The training school aims to show how such techniques can contribute to biomedical research, in particular to integrate data and knowledge and facilitate translation of preclinical findings. It will also discussed how experiments are tailored to deliver data that is amenable for computation, and how modelling provides predictions and hypotheses as input for further experimental work. The participants will be exposed to some of the underlying mathematics, but the main focus will be on concepts and principles. The program is...

Eindhoven, the Netherlands
17 Jan 2017 to 19 Jan 2017
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